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Pottery for Everyday Use

My story with clay starts at the age of five when I first went to a ceramic class and fell in love with an earthy authentic material. As a nature lover it wasn't surprising that the clay spoke to me in this way. In later years I was introduced to the pottery wheel. I felt that I had really found my natural creative expression with the wheel.

I love the way the symmetry of the wheel allows me to control the clay and create from a simple lump a beautiful dish, bowl, or cup. However, many times I do this, it is always magic for me.

I find inspiration in everyday life, especially in the beautiful natural surroundings that are so easily accessible – just a few minutes out of town. I am very interested in understanding the relationship between an object and the user; how do we hold a mug; what it the right weight for the item I’m creating; how can I characterize a dish so it will excite me and others; how can I create a new and refreshing look for a simple mug?

The process of making a mug:

It's all start with the right curve. As a woman I’m inspired by the curvy body of a woman, which means – round shapes flowing lines. When I make a mug I seek for that perfect curve that gives my mugs the unique soft cozy look.

After shaping the body’s mug I attached the handle, this also a delicate aesthetic choice for me, as the handle shouldn’t be to small or to big regarding the size of the mug.

The lip / rim also I give a small curve outside for easy zipping.

Making pottery is a therapeutic and fulfilling experience for me. Knowing that someone else likes what I create is very heartwarming and thrilling.

All my pottery items are individual creations. Each item is unique; no two will ever be exactly alike. Most of my output is functional - tableware, bowls, cups, mugs, teapots, plates, vases - for everyday use.

Every ware I sign with my nick name “gigi” and stamped the bottom of the ware on the side a crown shape. I choose the crown shape because every time I finish a ware I feel a majestic vibe ,I have a lot of honor to the final output. So crown was the perfect choice for me.

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