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Getting Inspiration from my Customers

I love to see the creative ways that my customers use or present the ceramic dishes that they buy from me. From time to time I even discover new uses for an item that I had not considered before.     As I don’t get to meet you, my customers face to face, it's a great way for me to get acquainted with you and your environment. Seeing what you do with my ceramics often inspires me to create something new and exciting.    

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In The Press Eyes #02 Tristan a food blogger from London

This is a great way to start the day, suggested by my friend Tristan from @iamchefblog who time and again creates delicious mouthwatering recipes, and has chosen to display a tasty dish on my rustic white serv-ware. I am also a big fan of Indian food and when I traveled to India 5 years ago I took many cooking classes to master this cuisine. I remember sitting on the floor in a small house in Dharamkot (near Dharamshala where the Dali Lama lives) and chopping onions and tomatoes to make "dal fry". So go check out his beautiful and inspiring blog for this "Kerelan spiced sweet potato hash-browns with chickpea makhani ". I will surely be making it for the weekend! Credit Photo by:...

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Making a Dish Process

Potter's Wheel:The bowl/cup/plate is thrown by hand on the wheel. The bases are trimmed making a nice rim on the foot for more stability. The Bisque Fire: Once they are bone dry they are fired in the kiln to 950℃, which dries and strengthens them sufficiently for glazing. Glazing and High Firing:I then glaze them in their own, individual style; some are fully glazed and some are only partly glazed before I fire them again to 1220℃ (cone 6). Every item is one-of-a-kind. An item takes approximately 4-5 weeks to make, from start to finish, including creation, drying, bisque firing, glazing and final high firing. As you might know, my shop is a one-woman show. I am very fortunate in...

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