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Traditional Pottery Making

Wedging the Clay: The process of wedging clay involves removing any trapped air bubbles from the clay. By eliminating these bubbles, the clay becomes easier to work with.

Throwing: Each piece is individually shaped by hand on a pottery wheel.

Trimming: Once the piece is complete, I allow it to dry to a stage called "leather hard." At this point, the clay has hardened sufficiently, enabling me to trim it, add handles, and make other adjustments before it becomes too rigid.

The Bisque Fire: After the pieces have fully dried, they are placed in a kiln and fired at a temperature of 950℃ for a duration of 9 hours. Subsequently, they undergo a cooling process for an additional 16 hours.

Glazing and High Firing: Next, I apply glaze to each piece in a unique and individual style. Some pieces receive a full glaze, while others are only partially glazed. The pieces are then fired once again at a higher temperature of 1220℃ (cone 6) for 12 hours, followed by a cooling period of 12 hours.

In summary

Each item is unique and crafted individually. The process of creating an item takes approximately 2-4 weeks, from the beginning to the end, which includes the creation, drying, bisque firing, glazing, and final high firing stages. It's important to note that my shop is run solely by me, which means I handle all aspects of production. Fortunately, I have a significant number of orders to fulfill, so during busy periods, it may take me 6-8 weeks* to complete your order. For larger orders, additional time may be required, but I will always notify you in advance regarding the expected timeframe.

*Please note these times refer to production times, and NOT to shipping times.

Please feel free to conatc me if you have any further questions.

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hi, I love your pottery and was wondering what kind of kiln you fire these beautiful wares in? thanks

Prue gilsenan

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