About Me

My story with clay starts at the age of five when I first went to a ceramic class and fell in love with the earthy authentic material. As a nature lover it wasn't surprising that the clay spoke to me in this way. 

Years later I was introduced to the pottery wheel and instantly felt that I had genuinely found my true form of creative expression. I loved the way the symmetry of the wheel allowed me to control the clay and create from a simple lump of formless earth something both beautiful and useful. To this day, I am still in awe of this ancient medium’s almost divine magic. 

Gittit Rad-el, potter,

A large part of my fascination with the art form comes in understanding the relationship between an object and the user. How do we hold a mug? What is the right weight for the item that I’m creating? How can I characterize a dish so it will inspire me and others? How can I create a new and refreshing look for something so perceivably simple? Solving these creatives riddles is nearly as meditative as working the wheel, and they drive both my dedication and innovations.

Knowing somewhere, someone is loving and appreciating my work both tills and delights me to no end. 

Enjoy my wares and stay creative!

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