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“…your love and joy of making these beautiful ceramics really shines through!!! "

This is a line in an email that I received from one of my customers. She had asked me to make her a bowl in a certain shape and color; of course I agreed. There was an enjoyable correspondence between us and after she placed her order she wrote the words quoted above. It is very flattering to me that customers love me because I love them and that my love for every ceramic item that I make shines through. So, for those who are new to my shop and do not yet know me, my name is Gittit (Gigi). I am the mother of a delightful one and a half year old girl. We live in a small apartment in...

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Handmade Pottery Wheel Thrown Honey Gift Pot

I love the hot, heady, lazy days of summer, but always have a prick of conscience when I see how busy the bees are making honey. I’m making my contribution to their hard work by creating lots of beautiful honey pots to store their sweet and delicious honey. I love to make these honey pots on my pottery wheel. It is a very simple design that’s looks good in any setting and occasion. It is not too small and not too big, just the perfect size to keep your honey. A wooden dipper stick is an option you can add as a gift to the honey pot. In the Jewish culture it is a tradition to eat on Rosh Hashana at...

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Pottery for Everyday Use

My story with clay starts at the age of five when I first went to a ceramic class and fell in love with an earthy authentic material. As a nature lover it wasn't surprising that the clay spoke to me in this way. In later years I was introduced to the pottery wheel. I felt that I had really found my natural creative expression with the wheel. I love the way the symmetry of the wheel allows me to control the clay and create from a simple lump a beautiful dish, bowl, or cup. However, many times I do this, it is always magic for me. I find inspiration in everyday life, especially in the beautiful natural surroundings that are...

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