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I am a pottery...

Hello! My name is Gittit (known as Gigi to my friends), and I am mad about pottery.When I’m not thinking about pottery during the day, I am dreaming about it at night. This is perhaps because ceramics have been such an integral part of my life. They have been shaping who I am since the impressionable age of five years old.For over ten years, I have been hard at work at the potter’s wheel, learning and perfecting the craft that has become my passion and creative outlet. The wheel has truly captured all that is creative within me, and gifted me the most sincere form of self expression I can hope for. I also have a degree in industrial design, which...

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Celebrating 9th Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary gifts are special, and are often marked by specific materials – for example, 1st anniversary is paper; 5th, silverware, 10th, jewelry. For you lovers of all things ceramic – did you know that for the 9th anniversary it’s pottery (or willow or leather). Pottery is a strong symbol for a loving and enduring relationship. It represents the home, and the family. If you or yours has a 9th anniversary coming up, be sure to help celebrate this occasion with a beautiful ceramic gift….

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Handmade Pottery Wheel Thrown Honey Gift Pot

I love the hot, heady, lazy days of summer, but always have a prick of conscience when I see how busy the bees are making honey. I’m making my contribution to their hard work by creating lots of beautiful honey pots to store their sweet and delicious honey. I love to make these honey pots on my pottery wheel. It is a very simple design that’s looks good in any setting and occasion. It is not too small and not too big, just the perfect size to keep your honey. A wooden dipper stick is an option you can add as a gift to the honey pot. In the Jewish culture it is a tradition to eat on Rosh Hashana at...

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